Are profits flowing out of your company? let H20 Building Services uncover the leak!

We had to laugh when we found this old bill board we used at many of the energy exhibitions around the country, known as the “water leak detective” this promotional literature was based on the first water leak detection and repair project H20 Building Services undertook many years ago when we first started in 1997, a 22 million gallon per year water leak.


Water leaks are an invisible drain on resources, often going undetected for months even years.


Your water consumption may seem stable however the base load overnight may be 20 per cent to 50 per cent of the total site consumption.


In extreme cases (see example graph)  this leak went undetected for over 3 years, a staggering 76,650 cubic metres per annum at £1 per cubic metre. Water and waste water charges now average £3 per cubic metre.


Water leak detection - H20 Building Services


By installing specialist equipment such as AMR water flow data loggers which is a piece of kit fitted to the incoming water meter to continuously monitor water usage at the property.

The water flow data can be remotely, downloaded to a PC where water audit experts analyse the data and report back to the client with an action plan and recommendations for reducing the water consumption on site.


By installing specialist equipment and carrying out on site investigations H20 Building Services are able to identify substantial water losses and help you: –


  • Save water.
  • Save energy.
  • Reduce costs.


Here’s to the next 21 years and bring on the challenges!


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