Water consultants H2O Building Services warn customers of more sharp practice by a water retail company

Water consultants H2O Building Services experience more challenging client water and waste water billing issues with water retailer Water Plus.


The water bill validation team are receiving numerous bills totaling £180 each from water retail company Water Plus.


If these bills have been sent out on mass to many other customers across the UK then this is yet another grave error and the charges are simply not applicable.


Water consultants H2O Building Services promptly rejected the bill and sent an email to the complaints department at Water Plus. In publishing this email it should give customers across the UK and Scotland a detailed insight into the specific issues and indeed details that you may not be aware of, it reads: –


Dear Sir / Madam


I have today received a bill for £150 + £30 vat = £180 late payment fee, bill dated 13/09/19.

We have a few issues with this.


  • The actual bill you say is late was only dated 03/09/19 which makes it as of today’s date 16 days old BUT the late payment bill you have sent is dated 13/09/19 so you have added a late payment fee to the account when the bill is only actually 10 days old (not 10 working days but 10 days).
  • Please advise on your bills where is states how many days our client has to pay a bill and if not paid within that time there is a late payment charge?
  • The bill dated 03/09/19 was only received in the post on the 10/09/19 so the bill was actually 7 days old before we even received it.
  • On the page 2 of your latest bill it states debt amount up to £999.99 there is a fee of £40 so why have you charged £150 + VAT of £30
  • We have had no debt recovery letter or reminder all we have had is an extra charge bill dated 10 days after the actual date of the invoice of £22.68 so please enlighten me as to why you think you can add any reasonable additional debt recovery charges when you haven’t done any debt recovery ?


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