Water leak detection team uncover a 9,636,000 gallon water leak costing £130,000 per year.

Saving water is more important than ever with some water companies under constant pressure to supply an ever increasing population and with decreasing rainfall in some parts of the UK and further financial challenges in the business world more and more companies are now placing water and waste water cost reduction further up the business agenda.


A case in point, a large leisure site in Northampton commissioned a water audit which revealed that the water consumption was high in accordance with site operations.


A water flow data logger was installed to the incoming water supply meter.


The water flow data indicated a continual 24/7 flow of 5 cubic metres per hour with a potential water leak of 43,800 cubic metres or 9,636,000 gallons at a cost of £130,000 per year.

Being such a large operational site the client was completely unaware of the water losses.


However when the actual visual water flow data is delivered to the client together with a detailed report the client then fully appreciated and understood the situation and the water leak detection team were dispatched says Graham Mann Senior Partner of water consultants H2O Building Services.


Water flow data captured from the incoming water supply meter is the most powerful tool in the water management industry


By presenting this data and applying the actual monetary value of the water losses is the start point and will give the client full confidence in approval for expenditure to carry out a water leak detection survey to identify the issues and file a leakage investigation survey report Example Leak detection survey report 12.03.2020 Northants detailing the issues found.


On completion of the leak repairs further water flow data is captured and a report is issued to the client clearly demonstrating the base load of 5m3 per hour is no longer present.


The water flow data or AMR is left fitted to the incoming water supply meter and by programming the data platform an alarm can be set to send an alert to a PC or mobile device if the water flow exceeds certain levels.


This is an insurance policy against further water losses or leaks from impacting on the business finances.


Water flow data is the key to reducing water consumption and water bills, with paybacks or R.O.I from as little as a few days to a few months.


Did you know reducing water and waste water discharge reduces your carbon foot print ?


“Value Water More”