Yet another water retail customer fail as major water retailer causes yet more chaos with the water billing process.

Since the opening of the water retail market 1st April 2017 it seems not a day goes by within the water bill validation team of H20 Building Services where they don’t have to deal with yet another issue regarding water billing.


Since the water retail market opened its door the customer service response from a number of water retail firms has been appalling with the main culprits being Castle Water, Water Plus, Yorkshire Water and now Wave.


Example of this poor customer service are: –


On hold in a queue in some instances for 30-40 minutes


No replies to complaints.


No replies to emails relating to incorrect charging and refund applications for historical overcharging.


Senior executives refusing to reply to official complaints.


Water bills sent to random addresses in Europe.


Incorrect water bills on mass taking a year to resolve.


Customers not being sent water bills for a year.


If that was bad enough now the latest fiasco is Anglian Water customers have now been billed by the new joint venture water retail business Wave who have without first informing or getting authorisation from customers have put most of their accounts onto ebilling. No login codes and no contact details have been sent to anyone so no one has access to the ebills so the first thing customers know about this is when a reminder or legal notice is sent out via post and a call has to be made to Wave.


It now appears the retailer is aware of this situation and is receiving large volumes of calls, it is absolutely laughable when you read the sales blurb on the Wave website.


Wave will offer: – “Top quality customer service delivered in person over the phone and on line”


The reality is the service is poor with these water retail companies blaming wholesale data, they should look closer to home at their internal procedures and not blame others and pile all their efforts into providing a first class water service and stand by their bold statements on their websites.


Up to press the larger water retail firms are failing on all fronts.


So watch out previous Anglian Water customers your bills are online somewhere!