Heads Up! Urgent Callout For Innovative Water Saving Devices And Swimming Pool Cost Reduction Technology.


We have a rapidly expanding client base in particular in the pool and leisure sector.


We are seeking to set up a strategic partnership with companies to provide us with innovative water conservation / water efficiency products for showers tap, low water volume WC flushing mechanism’s.


I am looking for products on the market now or products in the development stages very happy to lend my water industry expertise in the development.


One last challenge I am looking for innovative ways of reducing the water use in swimming pools, systems or plant adaptions existing product or in development recycling has potential thats the challenge the water saving could be huge 2 of our clients use 900,000 Cubic Metres in the pools alone.


That’s the challenge!


Call me DDI 01924207334




Oh by the way if we do business you will be invited as my guest on #Pocastwithgrahammann


Where we can feature your products for all the world to see!


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