Your company could be in line for a massive back charged water bill! – Urgent advise from Graham Mann of H2O Building Services

H2O Building Services - unread water meters


Water consultancy H2O Building Services urgent advice for you – Hundreds and thousands of customers are in the firing line for receiving massive back charged water bills.


Unbeknown to you if your water supply has a water leak underground or has a water leak internally within the building you could potentially receive a bill so large it could have a serious financial impact on the business and that’s the stark reality for over 250,000 none residential customers and here’s why.


There are 1.13 million water meters in the water market.


15 percent of these water meters have not been read by the water companies in the last year. 4 water retail companies with 20 percent of their customers water meters have not been read within the last 12 months.


7 water supply wholesalers with less than 5 percent of the water meters in their area have been unread for 2 years.


So when I hear and read customers are better off since water deregulation allowing none residential customers to switch water supplier the questions to be asked is – Why then do we assume customers are better off when clearly a large proportion are unknowingly racking up huge potential water bill back charge liabilities.


Case in point, H2O Building Services recently signed a new client that received an 18 month back charged water bill amounting to £100,000. Up until this point the client was billed based on historical estimates with a few periods stating “reading” when in fact the water meter had never been read throughout the 18 month period.

Needless to say our water audit team will be taking issue with the water retail company concerned !


My advice –


Read your own water meters daily and record the readings and compare the readings and water consumption with the bills as they arrive.


Please don’t risk being one of the 1,000’s of businesses that fall into the “long unread water meter” category.


Please don’t leave it to change and gain control or you will be talking to me or my team sooner than you think !


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