Have I got news for you ! Consultants H2O Building Services goes live on Linkedin !

#H2OLive - H2O Building Services


H2O Building Services is one of the UK’s leading authorities on reducing water, waste water and trade effluent costs.


Established over 20 years ago and run by Husband and Wife team Graham and Nicky Mann.


H2O Building Services have accumulated an enviable client base and have been commissioned to provide water cost reduction services to some of the UK’s well known brands such as: –  Lookers Plc – HC One – ASDA – TESCO – Bourne Leisure – McDonalds – St Gobain – Wolseley UK  – Vue Cinemas – Adidas and many more.


For over 4 months now H2O Building Services have produced podcasts under the brand name #podcastwithgrahammann  hosted initially by Graham Mann, and by invitation Graham has invited a selection of guests from various areas of the water industry.


Ranging from Josh Gill, the CEO of water retail company Everflow, Nick Butt the Head of Water Services at YU Group and also featured guests demonstrating innovative water and waste water products.


Also consultants from the energy and procurement industries, all in an effort to promote, educate and inform viewers and raising the profile of the water industry.


The podcasts have surpassed all expectations says Graham Mann.


“Like anything new and innovative you are never quite sure how the podcasts are going to be received.  Certainly the feedback so far has been very positive, so much so we decided to up our game by producing live broadcasts on the LinkedIn site.


We aim to make them much more polished and extend our reach by having a Q & A session where viewers can put us on the spot and ask questions, and request advise on any water or waste water matter.


We are a business that is  keen to penetrate the water market further both in the UK and overseas.


Many customers in the UK are simply unaware of the massive opportunities to reduce water and waste water costs, and reduce water volumes on their sites. 


As I look around the internet there are very few businesses that retain the vast knowledge and expertise needed to maximise the potential savings for customers.


Just as importantly where do customers go for honest reliable answers and advise?


Thousands have no idea about switching water supplier so we thought hey #H2Olive


So please watch this space and connect with Graham Mann on Linkedin and enjoy #H2Olive!