H2O Building Services seeks strategic partners in the energy sector to access and kick start £3 billion water retail market.

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Water industry experts H2O Building Services are seeking to form long term strategic partnerships with those businesses in the energy / utilities sectors such as Energy Management Consultants, Energy Brokers or Energy Procurement companies.


These may hold the key to kick start the water retail market adding real value to their business, reducing clients water and waste water costs including water, waste and trade effluent data correction.


Senior Partner of H2O Building Services Graham Mann says ” I have concluded many years ago the route to market was partnering with the energy industry which simply do not possess the knowledge or expertise in all areas in order to maximise savings and provide their clients with high value water and waste water services and products.

We are seeing increased levels of business via the energy sector as these clients approach us as we specialise in water and waste water services only so we are 100 per cent focused.

When we are provided the water and waste water bills, on many occasions there is both overcharge and or undercharges and many key areas of charging such as water volumes are too high.

Our aim in partnering with the energy market is to fill the skills gap and by doing this it has many benefits.


A project we recently secured whereby the water bill validation was dealt with for over a year on a £5 million client spend is resulting in overcharging in excess of £300,000.

Ironically we contacted the energy consultancy at senior management level and he informed us “They had water covered and no need of our expertise so no opportunity for you to partner with us”


By tapping into our knowledge and expertise accumulated over 2 decades since H2O Building Services have very successfully operated in the UK water sector and by working together forming long term strategic business relationships so much could be achieved within the industry, such as: –


  • Many more clients would have access to water and waste water industry expertise via the energy sector that currently does not exist in most energy consultancies and energy providers. Thereby reducing their clients water and waste water costs and together with huge reductions in water use and waste water discharge immense benefits to clients and the environment.


  • Provide a huge boost to the water retail market by considerably more none residential customers engaging with the water retail market and switching water supplier and in the process providing water and waste water data correction for the 1,000’s of none residential customers both overcharged and undercharged as many of these issues that need correcting require water industry experts to work with customers and water retailers.


We would also see a boost in employment within the water industry sector from water retailers through to utility consultancies, water efficiency suppliers and manufacturers and drive more innovation.


The water audit experts H2O Building Services will work with and support the energy sector and share in the rewards, so together lets make a difference both in business and the environment.