Residential care home business engages water consultants to reduce their water bills, the results are a very welcome surprise!

H2O Building Services



A residential care home business called in water consultants H2O Building Services to help them reduce their ever increasing water bills for their 15 sites.


These businesses are under increasing pressure, as are others to reduce costs that appear to be spiralling out of control.


Water bills are sometimes not high on a businesses agenda, as water is all too often taken for granted and under valued.


However, in this case the customer is in for a welcome surprise.

The water audit team completed a forensic examination of the water and waste water bills going back 6 years.

The preliminary water audit concluded one of the sites was being overcharged since 2015, resulting in an annual saving of £5,000 and a refund of £35,000. The water audit team also concluded that by switching water supplier and procuring a better deal further savings would be made.


Unlike many brokers and TPI’s H2O Building Services chose the water contract procurement platform, which is free at the point of use and both an independent and impartial service with no allegiance to anyone specific water retailer.

SWS invite the whole water retail market to participate and pitch for the business.

The billing data was uploaded by Nicky Mann, Director of Water Retail Services at

All water retailer companies were invited to pitch for the water supply contract on a live 60 minute tender, this enable water retailers to modify their offer until the tender closes and the results are sent to the client in order that they may make their own choice of supplier.

The savings by switching water supplier are £85,000 over the contract period.

Making the total savings of £100,000 and a refund of £35,000. – A very welcome surprise !


Contact H2O Building Services today  on 08456580948 or on email [email protected] and you too may be in for a welcome surprise!