Water audit expert reports on water issues on BBC One Inside Out West Midlands.

By Graham Mann – Water Audit Expert.

Leading water cost reduction firm H²O Building Services based in West Yorkshire reports on water billing issues for the BBC Inside Out West Midlands, a new series starting September 1st at 7.30pm.

The programme gives an interesting insight into serious issues surrounding water and waste water billing and water charges which is well worth watching. Prior to this programme Graham will also be a guest on a consumer hour on Annie Othen’s Radio Show for BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, he will be asked various questions relating to water meters, how to spot water leaks and answering general water related questions as they come in.

The consumer programme is being aired on 29th August 11am – 12 noon.

Water charges are quickly becoming a big issue and of concern by both residential and business customers. The latest  post today via the BBC News is that water meters may mean higher water bills for more than a 3rd of consumers, the water industry expects that over 50% of residential customers will have water meters by spring next year, there will be winners and losers.  A prime example is a residential customer Mark Phippen from Southampton, he told the BBC News he had been warned his family’s water bills would nearly double to £ 763 per year by having a water meter fitted at the beginning of the year. Southern Water that supplies Mr Phippen have calculated that 62% of households are better off with water meters saving on average £159 a year. Water meters will actually force people to save water and to use water wisely, it will also substantially reduce water leakage as any customers who suddenly have high bills will be actively looking for reasons why the water bills are so high. Increased water charges and compulsory water meters will now fuel a national focus on water and the water industry which is in desperate need of reform.