Podcast with Graham Mann will not be silenced says Graham Mann of Water Consultants H2O

PodcastwithGrahamMann Live on LinkedIn Thursday 2nd April 2020 9.30am


Yes we lost the use of our studio due to circumstances beyond our control which means we can go live on LinkedIn but audio only, it has taken a few days to work out. Some may say thank goodness we don’t have to look at his coloured shirts anymore.


So I have a guest on my podcastwithGrahamMann, Josh Gudgeon of Get Your Media who partnered with us some months ago providing us with expert advice and guidance on podcasting and video for our water consultancy H2O Building Services.


I shall be asking him what is happening in the media now we are locked down but not silenced!


Also his advice during these challenging times, in particular video and podcasting and social media, and what should business do now?


I shall also be giving some advice to businesses that have closed, also those that have not closed sites.


There may be companies out there needing advice on issues they have with water bills and billing, or looking to reduce their charges.


My message says Graham Mann of H2O Building Services: –


“Tap into our expertise, take advantage of our free desktop water audit.

One client did just that and a few days ago we reduced a back charged water bill from Water Plus by £25,000 and savings on future charges of £17,000.

A very welcome cash boost to a business that was forced to close 40 sites nationwide!”


Join us on LinkedIn live at 9.30am Thursday 2nd April for PodcastwithGrahamMann, if you are not connected with me find me on LinkedIn and request a connection, see you there!


Any questions prior to broadcast email me [email protected] and I will cover them on the show and give your business a “shout out”