What is scheduled to view on the next live on Linkedin podcast with Graham Mann


The next LinkedIn live on the podcast with Graham Mann is 6th February at 10.30am featuring a new water retail company Conservaqua Ltd, Graham has an interview with the Director Mark Hanlon.


He will be asked, what prompted him to enter the water retail market and to find out what the plans and strategy are for the company in a competitive dysfunctional crowded water retail market.

Where the company will have to operate in a low margin challenging water market and what makes them so different?


If you have any questions for him prior to the podcast please do email them in or comment through LinkedIn on the day.


Then on the 13th February at 10.30am Cristina Tanner, Business Development Manager of Magna Science and Adventure Park will be a guest on the podcast with Graham Mann discussing the recent sponsorship deal with H2O Building Services and her ambitious plans for the attraction and soon to be released promotional video.


What is Magna? – Magna Science Adventure Centre is an educational visitor attraction.

It is a hands on experience packed with interactive exhibits where you can explore the wonders of science and technology in 4 pavilions Air, Earth, Fire and Water.


If you have any questions for Cristina prior to the broadcast please do email them in or comment through LinkedIn on the day.


During the first week of March (exact date and time to be confirmed) Technical Director Steve Gilham of Guttermann Water will be on the podcast. They are a global technology leader and innovator in intelligent water loss and water leak detection technology.


This is right up my street says Graham Mann of H2O “Water leak detection and location is a vital service of our business and I have wanted to bring a water leak detection technology company onto my podcast for many months.

I am delighted, the highlight for me will be to discuss and review their new acoustic logger and other acoustic products, which will help us and others carry out water leak detection and location more effectively.

There are over 30,000 + searches on the internet in the UK or water leak detection and water leak detector devices”


So our audience must have many questions, you may comment live during the broadcast on the LinkedIn platform.


See you there!