Switch Water Supplier Ltd and matching domain name up for sale.

Author: Graham Mann.

In April 2017 the English Water market opens up enabling competition within the water retail market.

There is a massive opportunity for companies to apply for a water retail licence in order to buy and sell water. Many well known established water companies have already been granted a water retail licence and businesses will be able to switch water supplier from their existing water supplier to any other water retail company.

There is also a substantial business opportunity for companies to be set up that are not yet established water companies. The time is now to get established on the internet and launching websites for those businesses that will be offering a switch water supplier  service. In order to gain top position on web searches via search engines and gain the most click through’s  to any sites offering a switch water supplier service and potentially gain the most business therefore becoming number 1 in the switch water supplier market place, then the owner of the top domain name as recognised within the water retail market linked to the same company name will be in the strongest market position on searches and is more likely to pick up more business via the internet than any other water retail company.

Research show the top descriptive name is  – Switch Water Supplier – try this for yourself and Google search this top key term.

In the future when any company is seeking to switch water supplier that is the key terms that is more likely to be used than any other, much the same as in the energy market Switch Energy Supplier, again try this for yourself.

For any business or investors wishing to tap into this lucrative future water retail market opportunity we have a registered company for sale called Switch Water Supplier Ltd, in addition we also have the exact matching domain name also for sale called

Put together they would provide a winning combination for those wishing to take full advantage of a massive business opportunity.

Interest parties should contact  in the strictest confidence.