Is your business or public sector organisation based in the North East billed for water by Wave? Then read on.

Northumbrian Water (now Wave) have high fixed charges known as highways drainage and surface water drainage charges.


In this clients case where the bills have just arrived today for a desktop water audit 95% of the water bill is made up of the fixed charges for highway drainage and surface water based charges at over £24,000 per year.


Surface water drainage charges bill.


A preliminary water audit reveals a potential saving and refund of £130,000.


Up until now Northumbrian Water (Now Wave) refunded back 10 years, word on the grapevine that is about to change to 6 years.


There is no better time than now to pull out the bills you have from Northumbrian Water (now Wave) and commission a water audit expert to carry out a desktop water audit.


If you are due money back if you have a full claim this may be your last chance to claim back up to 10 years.


In this clients case the claim would be reduced by over £50,000.


Surface water drainage charges are a significant portion of your water bill and often incorrectly charged.


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