Water consultants H2O Building Services ask – How easy is it to switch water supplier?

Switch water supplier - H2O Building Services


Its not as easy as you may think!


So how do you start?


You could try google and search Switch Water Supplier which is an obvious place to start, but with dozens of water retail companies and brokers offering savings of 20 / 30 percent how do you choose the best value water retailer for your business ?


For many switching supplier is a daunting task as you may well be satisfied with your existing water supplier, however during the COVID-19 pandemic reducing business overhead costs will be key to survival and utilities for example energy and water bills is a good starting point.


Many businesses are completely unaware that they can switch water supplier, however since April 2017 non residential customers can now choose their own water supplier and vote with their feet, if they are dissatisfied with the service they are receiving or they are looking for a better deal to reduce their water bills  (which is usually the key driver).


Choosing your water supplier.


It goes without saying, you are seeking the best value deal for you business or organisation so your choices are: –


Choosing a water supplier by contacting one or more companies that have a water retail licence, only the water and waste water retailers listed here are licensed to serve your business or organisation. 


This can be time consuming and if you are seeking the best value deal you may have to contact quite a few suppliers, and there are plenty to choose from!


You could engage a utility broker or TPI (third party intermediary) that offer fee based advice and information and broker a deal on your behalf. 


Often brokers charge a fee based on a percentage of savings or a flat fee for the service, make sure this is agreed in writing before engaging a broker.


The final alternative is to use a price comparison site


Your account details are uploaded onto a water retail procurement platform and all water retailers are invited to pitch for your business to ensure you get the best value deal, its easy, simple to use and its free!


You also receive guidance by some of the UK’s leading water industry experts.


According to the companies website not only will you reduce your water bills from switching water supplier, the company will also carry out a free water audit to identify further potential savings. This will either be completed by the water retailer that wins your water supply contract or the water consultants employed by the SwitchWaterSupplier site.


The bottom line is which ever way you chose chances are if you stay with your existing water supplier you will not maximise your savings.