WOW good news for 1,000’s of customers overcharged on their water bills – Switch water supplier!

Prior to water market deregulation allowing businesses to switch water supplier customer data was complied and placed into a central marketing operating system and in order for the water retail market to operate efficiently it is vital there is good quality data in the central marketing operating system (CMOS).


Unfortunately for 1,000’s of customers they are being overcharged and in some cases undercharged and other customers are not being charged at all, which ever category your business or organisation is in this will result in financial challenges.


For many large organisations or businesses they may well be oblivious to either overcharging or undercharging until of course they engage the services of say Water Audit Experts H2O Building Services who are adept in identifying savings on water, waste water and trade effluent bills and historical overcharging and undercharging.


During the transition to water market opening 1,000’s of none residential customers data is now incorrect resulting in incorrect billing gong forwards.


This is now causing serious issues both for customers and water retail companies alike.


However for many of the water and waste water wholesalers they will see a windfall of £millions in extra revenues as all indications are that 1,000’s of businesses and organisations are now paying on average 20 – 30 percent more than they should be with leisure and manufacturing industries in particular being hardest hit.


This is bad news for customers and bad news for the water retail market as customers are by all accounts losing confidence in the water industry due to poor service and low discounting further compounding the issues with customers not engaging with the water retail market.


Switch water supplier and as an integral part of the process the customers should have a water, waste water and trade effluent billing audit in order to ensure your bills are correct going forwards as many none residential customers and consultants are oblivious to the overcharging as they are not water industry experts and do not possess the expertise necessary to uncover the savings and reduced charges going forwards.


As one of the water retailers said recently to Graham Mann Senior Partner at H2O Building Services “Out of all the consultants and brokers that switch water supplier with us H2O are the only consultants that query bills and submit claims due to overcharges or incorrect billing, as your the experts and its your field of expertise”


Graham goes on to say “The reasons behind this is that water retailers have to charge the customers in accordance with the wholesaler and market data.

If the market data is incorrect it is for the water industry experts to challenge the incorrect charges and submit the claims to the water retailer then they in turn submit that claim to their wholesaler to correct the data and charges going forwards, thereby reducing the customers charges going forwards and refunding the overcharges, and in some cases going back 10 years!”


It is for the customer to challenge the charges, the water retailers will not do so unless challenged!


So customers should engage experts to firstly complete a detailed water and waste water audit, correct all errors and incorrect charging which will more than likely result in reduced charges going forwards and a refund of overcharges.


Then instigate a water management project to drive down water consumption and waste water discharge, finally engage with the water retail market and


 Switch water supplier