The UK water retail market opens next month, but what is “water self-supply”?

With the UK water retail market opening in April water companies and water consultancy firms have been seeking to position themselves in order to take the best possible advantage of water market opening.


Some water consultancies have given up their independence and impartiality in favour of either obtaining a water retail licence enabling them to switch customers water supply contracts into their own water retail business.

Which is hardly ethical as they still give the impression its a separate business and independent of their water retail business, customers will certainly not be fooled into thinking  they are at all impartial or independent.


Then there are the other multi utility firms that openly do deals with water retail companies delivering business to their joint venture water retailer in return for gas and power referrals and still claim independence and impartiality, but again customers will not be fooled.


These businesses that follow them will lose credibility when the dust settles over time and those that rushed out to obtain a water retail licence go to the wall due to lack of water industry knowledge and experience coupled with low margins and apparent lack of profitable opportunities.


A new water supply scheme is being promoted as the next big thing “Water self-supply”. It is well documented that the vast majority of none-residential customer do not know the ins and outs of “switching water supplier” let alone “water self-supply.


So what is “Water self-supply” exactly ?


What is self-supply?

With the Scottish water market deregulated allowing none residential customers to switch water supplier in order to get a better deal on their water bills the water industry in England is also now deregulated, again allowing none residential customers to switch water supplier and get a better deal on their water bill.

But, did you know you can cut out the water retailer and save the water retailers margin by buying your water supply services direct from the wholesale water market!


Yes that’s right, buying direct from the water wholesaler is called water self-supply, the scheme is open to all customers and is very likely to reduce your water and waste water charges considerably more than buying through a water retailer.


How does self-supply work?

If you want to self-supply your water retail services you will need a self-supply licence.


As a water self-supplier you will: –


  • Receive your water and waste water supplies from the water company in your geographical region.
  • You will not receive any water retail services such as billing or customer service.


You see water self-suppliers provide water retail services to their own premises and if you self-supply you are also able to: –


  • Receive water supply and waste water removal services at wholesale prices, cutting out the water retail margin.
  • Supply water services to multiple sites.
  • Provide retail services to your businesses or contract them to a third party.


Obtaining a water self-supply licence will enable you to buy at wholesale prices, this is a protected price that all water retailers pay.


There are huge financial benefits to your company or organisation such as: –


  • Pay only the wholesale price the same as the water retailers.
  • Take 100% control of your future water billing and accounts to ensure 100% future bulling accuracy.
  • No more re-tendering for new water retails deals.
  • Ensure there is no future water company overcharging.
  • You also acquire certain rights including membership of and voting rights of the water market operator.


All in all by accessing wholesale water markets higher savings can be achieved, especially if you incorporate our total water management service to facilitate your water self-supply application and on-going national water management support which includes management interface between your business or organisation and the water and waste water wholesaler.


Water self-supply is not for everyone, so we provide an initial free and no obligation water self-supply appraisal so you can see for yourself the benefits and make a more informed choice.

So please call or email “The Water Audit Experts” for truly independent impartial advice on water self-supply or any other water and waste water related matter.