Northumbrian Water Trialling 5G & AR Technology

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Supplier Northumbrian Water has teamed up with Ericsson and O2 to trial the use of 5G and augmented reality (AR) technology to help it maintain its water and sewerage services across the north-east.


O2 launched its 5G network in October last year, providing lower latency, faster speeds and greater network coverage, meaning that the water supplier can now look at new ways to increase efficiency, productivity and safety. A private network installation has also been set up for the company to guarantee uninterrupted network access and capacity.


Head of strategy and enterprise architecture at Northumbrian Water Martin Jackson said: “This is the first time a trial like this has ever been done by a water company and we’re incredibly proud to be leading the way in the utilities sector.


“We first explored the ways in which we could harness the power of 5G at our Innovation Festival and we’re delighted to be working with O2 and Ericsson to develop this project and deliver an even better experience to our customers.”


These initial trials will focus on key areas like creating a home water maintenance app for customers so they can monitor their water supply and flow to identify unusual patterns and reveal possible issues ahead of time.


In addition, AR mapping will be used to provide 3D representations of buried assets and, if successful, this technology could then be extended to cover the layout of water mains, pipes and conduits, to help engineers manage hazards and risks in real time.


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