Take professional independent advice before switching water supplier in the English Water Market

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.


Businesses and organisations should seek professional independent advice when seeking to reduce water bills.

There are proven successful strategies that work to produce maximum savings on water and waste water bills.

Those who are considering switching water supplier in Scotland or indeed in England when the UK water retail market opens should also seek professional independent advice.


You may not get the right advice from a water company intent on securing your water supply contract nor should you logically expect to receive the right advice.


My firm has seen 100’s of examples of companies that have switched water supplier and not received the best value deals and as such they are paying too much for their services, the savings and refund figures have been staggering.


It is a fact water companies in general do not possess the relevant in house expertise to maximise the savings on your water bills, if you look at the situation logically why would they to reduce their income? In some instances this would wipe out their margins.


A prime example of this happened recently, we spoke to a well known manufacturing company and informed them that they were being overcharged by £29,000 a year, over the last 5 years this amounted to an estimated £130,000 and they had apparently switched water supplier.


A water supplier is not best placed to provide independent advise and you cannot guarantee that the water bills are correct.

Take the advice from an independent water audit expert  with 30 years knowledge and expertise, all opportunities will be explored not just those opportunities that suit the water supplier focused on signing you on a water supply contract.


A prime and most extreme example of incorrect advise and huge missed opportunities for maximising water savings and refund opportunities was the public sector water contract in Scotland, awarded to an English water retail company on a retail contract. Already I have seen evidence of incorrect charging, huge savings opportunities missed, many £thousands of valuable public sector money that could be saved all because of a flawed procurement process and lack of initial independent expert advise.


I fear the English water market will go the same way and with England having over 1 million more business and public sector customers than Scotland the cost savings and refund opportunities will be huge, take advise before switching water supplier.