With UK water deregulation well underway is switching water supplier maintaining its momentum?

Switching water supplier is apparently maintaining its momentum with some 53,286 supply point identifiers (SPIDS) having switched water supplier in the first 5 months.


This is not counting some 11,700 prearranged businesses or organisations switching water supplier before the water retail market opening 1st April of this year which means 1,900 spids per week have switched water supplier.


If this trend continues the English water retail market will be on target for 110,000 supply point identifiers switching water supplier during the first 12 months.


What portion of the total English water retail market is this?  


With at least 2% of the English water retail market having switched by the end of the year this could be around 4.1% of the English water retail market.

Put into prospective the Scottish water retail market took 5 years to reach 5% indicating the apparent success of the English water retail market.


Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert at H20 Building Services.