Energy Brokers and consultants urged to engage with the new water retail procurement platform Switch Water

Switch water - Switching made simple

Did you know – Brokers and third party intermediaries played a major role in many customers decision to switch water supplier or renegotiate.


Example : A third (34 percent) of customers who switched, renegotiated or considered doing so used a Broker as a source of information.


Around one in five (19 percent) of customers who had switched since market opening (April 2017) said that they started looking into switching because they were contacted by a Broker or supplier.


Almost 39 percent of those that wanted to switch water supplier did so via a Broker.


CIS 2019 in-depth interviews with customers found that the use of Brokers was fairly wide spread, furthermore this research found that the majority of customers who had used brokers said that they had used a Broker they had a previous relationship with and that as a result many had a high level of trust in their Brokers.


Our thanks to OFWAT “State of the market 2018 – 2019 reviewing the second year of the business retail water market


So partnering with Energy Brokers and Consultants is an important and strategic route to market for Switch Water, adding value to both respective businesses and opening up a whole new market for the industry.


Most importantly of all from a customer perspective ensuring customers when switching gain access to the entire water retail market in an transparent impartial way.


Secure in the knowledge they receive the “best value deal” and bills levied are correct going forwards, and maximising savings. So engaging with Switch Water is good for customers and good for businesses.


Switch Water will be launched in March of this year and is the one and only water retail procurement platform developed by Water Industry and I.T experts that is designed to not only resolve many challenges within the water retail market but to bring customers, water retailers, energy and utility brokers and consultants, consumer groups, the regulator OFWAT and market operator system Ltd (MOSL) together in one place.


A platform that all customers and organisations can engage, a central source of water, waste water and trade effluent expertise that customers and organisations can tap into (excuse the pun) as and when needed.

Independent, transparent, impartial “Switching made simple


Engaging with Switch Water is the only solution to water retail market challenges for example: –


Just over half of all non-domestic customers are aware of switching but engagement is low.


Many customers are being overcharged or indeed undercharged, for many it is highly likely their charges are incorrect due to either incorrect market data or the water retailers billing systems.


Some customers have consolidated water bills, but currently this presents issues as charges and tariffs are difficult to validate through a bill validation process.


The take up or adoption of water, waste water and trade effluent cost reduction has been slow to develop.


Customers Energy Brokers / Consultants have no impartial independent process to access the entire water retail market, or gain access to expert advice and guidance on any water or waste water related matter.


Customers Energy Brokers and Consultants are more likely to perceive that benefits of switching water supplier are unlikely to exceed the costs of doing so.

What are the benefits of engaging with Switch Water ?


Ensuring customers maximise savings on their bills and ensure they are being billed correctly for services going forwards giving Energy Brokers and Consultants access to the entire water retail market.


Offering a single place for Energy Brokers and Consultants to manage a customers entire portfolio.


A unique retail procurement platform offering high value features developed to provide partners with visibility and accountability.


Full visibility of customers accounts as managed on your behalf.


Tender quotations report customised with client logo for presentation to clients to allow supplier selection ensuring full disclosure on tender outcome.


Reduce admin costs of tendering client portfolios.


Access to high level expert advise on any water, waste water and trade effluent matter.


So why wouldn’t you ?


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