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Today is a historical day for the UK water retail market as a new and innovative business opens its doors for business.


One site, one place for non-residential customers to access the entire water retail market, giving all water retail companies the opportunity to pitch for your business.


So why do we need a site such as


  • Just over half of all non-residential customers are aware of switching, but engagement with the water retail market is low


  • Some customers are more likely to perceive that benefits of switching water supplier is unlikely to exceed the costs to do so.


  • Many customers are being overcharged, it is highly likely their water bills are incorrect due to incorrect water market data.


  • Over 500,000 customers simply do not realise they can switch water supplier and reduce their water and waste water bills.


  • There is no simple or easy way of switching water supplier. No “go too place” where customers can be supported or guided by water industry experts to help them through the switching process. To enable them to access the entire water retail market, giving all water retail companies the opportunity to quote and ensuring the customers get the best value deal.


  • Customer confidence is low as ongoing billing and service issues show little sign of improvement.


  • Many customers with multi-site national portfolios have chosen consolidated water billing, however this is extremely problematic as some water retailers struggle to bill their customers correctly. This is a combination of inaccurate market data and poor billing systems that are not fit for purpose and a lack of water industry knowledge and expertise.


  • Customer perceptions are that there are no savings to be made.


How can customers and brokers engagement be increased?


The platform will: –


  • Increase customer engagement by bringing customers and water retailers together in one place.


  • Kickstart the water retail market by providing an open, independent and transparent water retail procurement platform, engaging the customers, water retail companies and energy and utility brokers., thereby supporting the entire market.


  • Reducing customers water and wastewater bills and ensuring customers are billed correctly and pay the correct charges.


  • Promoting water and wastewater efficiency.


  • Increasing and stimulating competition between water retail companies and allowing all water retail companies to have the opportunity of securing large slices of the market. Stimulating healthy competition which is good for customers and the market.


The service offering is simple and comprehensive


  • A water industry leading, simple to use water retail contract procurement service, underpinned by a totally unique online water retail procurement platform designed to produce the very best value deal by accessing the entire water retail market and suppliers.


  • Offering (before or after tender awards) a water, wastewater and trade effluent billing correction to ensure future charges levied by the newly appointed water retailer are correct. This is normally at the point the customer is due refunds due to historical billing errors. It is often more beneficial to audit the bills prior to switching water supplier, but this is of course entirely up to the customer!


  • Free desktop water and wastewater audits are offered during or after the process. Sometimes the water retail companies that are pitching for the retail contracts will offer this service as “added value” services in conjunction with their water retail contract, the customer decides and has freedom of choice.


  • The site and service is free to the customer, a fee is paid to by the water retail company that win the contract. The fee paid by the water retailer reflects operational, development, customer service and the promotional costs of the platform.


  • Both customers and water retailers benefit from ongoing UK based customer support from water industry experts.


  • Many further added value innovative products and services are to be continuously added to the platform to react to market segmentation and demand. To provide the most user focused experience for both customers, water retailers and strategic partners.


The water retail procurement platform is the “go to” service for all things water, wastewater and trade effluent.


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