“The Water Audit Experts” H20 advise water bill reduction is great but what about the waste?

In the industrial production and manufacturing industries its really great if we think about water bill reduction, but the trade effluent waste should be brought into any water cost reduction project as any significant reduction in water use could have a major effect on trade effluent charges. Quite often waste water gets overlooked with comments such as “It is what it is” or “The water company take the samples”


Over the past year we are seeing a very significant number of industrial manufacturing and production firms small, medium and large businesses paying anything from 30% through to 80% more on their water charges and the same can be said on their waste water charges, known as trade effluent.


This sector of the water industry seems to have been neglected and let down by water cost reduction firms, maybe because of the quite complex nature of the knowledge and expertise needed to produce maximum savings of both water in and effluent out. Looking around the industry the combined water and effluent cost reduction expertise is in short supply.


Over the past year we have been involved in some very interesting projects which are now starting to move forward, and the brief details that I would like to share with you and perhaps if you work in a manufacturing, industrial or production firm and read these case studies you can apply these ideas to your site?


Steel production – Case study.

Annual water consumption – 24,00m3

Cost – £39,000 per annum

Waste water costs – £40,000 per annum.

Combined water and waste costs – £79,000 per annum.

Primary use of water is in evaporative cooling towers.

Water and waste water experts from H20 completed a survey and the recommendations implemented were – Apply to the water company for a 98% reduction in waste water charges due to cooling tower evaporation losses.

Saving- £38,000 a year.

Apply for a refund due to a 98% none return to sewer, refund estimated at £200,000.

Alternative water supply – Completed a feasibility report which revealed potential for a borehole with savings of £38,000 per annum.


Total savings going forwards £76,000

Refund £200,000.

Payback on all works both engineering and consultancy services immediate due to self financing.


Waste disposal – Case study.

Waste water trade effluent costs £360,000 per annum.

Water and waste water experts from H20 completed a survey and took trade effluent waste samples from the waste water discharge points.

Results of survey – Based on the samples taken and details of the last 12 months samples without some form of effluent treatment costs will rise from £360,000 a year to £385,000 a year.

We carried out laboratory tests on the effluent, simulating treatment of the effluent with chemicals and concluded and specified installation of an effluent treatment plant.

Saving £220,000 per annum.

Awaiting approval of further sampling and effluent treatment plant funding options.


Food production facility – Case study.

Annual water consumption – 80,000m3 per annum.

Water costs –  £88,000 per annum.

Recommendation – Install an alternative water supply (borehole), a feasibility report has been completed and we are awaiting approval on funding.

Saving £88,000 per annum.


Pretty impressive savings don’t you think? We would be delighted to work with you and be given the opportunity to produce substantial savings on your water and waste water costs.


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