Why you should get your water bills checked by a water audit expert prior to switching water supplier

Author: Graham Mann, Water audit expert.


Your business may have already decided to switch water supplier, may be for water billing consolidation if there are numerous sites across the UK and receiving one water bill from one water retailer is an attractive proposition, either way one top piece of advise is commission a water audit expert to check your water and waste water bills for water company overcharging and water company undercharging.


Why is this? 


Well your business could be in line for a very substantial refund on one or more of your sites due to historical water billing errors. With more and more new clients joining us on a weekly basis spurred on by the water retail market deregulation asking for water audit expert advise on switching water supplier and reducing water costs.

With many clients a water audit often reveals historical water company overcharging, once identified we submit a claim together with the supported evidence and the client receives a refund of the overcharges and reduced charges going forwards. But, sometimes there are undercharges which the business should be aware of, you certainly don’t want any surprises like demands for substantial monies due to historical undercharging once you have switched water supplier.


What will be the main benefits of commissioning a water audit expert prior to switching water supplier ? 


In a word, numerous and this is how it works.


  • Prior to switching water supplier supply the last 6 / 9 months water and waste water bills to the water audit expert.


  •  Request that the water and waste water billing data is used to compile a water database, when the water data base is fully populated a water and waste water audit should be completed.


What should the water and waste water audit consist of ? 


  • Complete an historical audit to identify water company overcharges and water company undercharges, report back and agree the water strategy and plan of action.


  • Identify all water and waste water savings opportunities, report options and a strategy  going forwards with the end goal being all water bill overcharging and undercharging has been actioned and dealt with and all water and waste water savings opportunities have been fully exploited, actioned and delivered.


Now you can consider switching water supplier.


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