Public sector water self supply and water management services could save £millions.

The Public sector could save £millions and gain full control with water costs going forwards by applying for a water self supply licence say water audit experts H20 Building Services.

Public sector organisations such as Hospitals, Universities, Councils, HM Prison Service, Ministry of Defense, Scottish Prisons and Health Trust are just a few prime examples.

With the right experienced guidance and water management support  without doubt taking 100% control of their water, waste water billing would bring a great many benefits, not least maximising savings.


The Public sector easily has the capacity for water self supply, however it would need water consultancy experts to support in the water self supply application, administration and management support in setting up and running a water management strategy going forwards for a maximum of 3 years coinciding with the next water retail market review.

At the end of this period the organisation would be self sufficient, meaning you will : –


Not be paying the water retailers margin.


The price you pay is the same as other water retailers.


You acquire certain rights for instance, membership of and voting rights in the running of the water market operator.


How does self supply operate? 

You will need to apply for a water self supply licence, we would strongly advise that you work with a water consultancy expert at this stage as a water self supply licence financial feasibility study should be undertaken. This report will give your organisation all the facts and figures and a direct comparison between the normal water retail route and the water self supply licence route. The report will also contain the internal water management structure and essentially covers all bases giving you “peace of mind”.


Holding and operating a water self supply licence in the market.

You will receive your water and waster water from the water supplier in your geographical region.

You will not receive any water retail services such as billing or customer services.

Licenced water self suppliers provide retail services to their own premises, if you do water sell supply you will also be able to: –


  • Receive water supply and waste water removal services at the wholesale price from the water company.


  • Supply water services to multiple sites for your organisations.


  • Provide retail services to your organisation or contract them to a 3rd party.


  • Help the water industry innovate and shape the future.


You will not need water retail services provided to you, significant cost savings could be made in conjunction with a strategically focused water management strategy.

A small number of frameworks are available to support contracting authorities that need a compliant route to market.

United Learning Trust (ULT) has set up a new water framework 2017/S036-066063 to facilitate compliant water sewerage and ancillary goods and services for participating authorities.

Publication number: 2017/S099-197441 lot 2 ancillary goods and services has been awarded to H20 Building Services.

The following criteria was measured 

Water saving devices 8

Tariff optimisation / bench marking 12

water audit site surveys and reporting 12

Leak detection and repair 10

Alternative water supplies 8

Self supply feasibility study 8

Legionella risk assessment 8

AMR / water flow data logging / remote consumption monitoring 12

Bill validation and bureau service specification 12

Desktop water audit 10

“The water audit experts” H20 Building Services strength in knowledge, expertise, truly impartial and independent advise.


Is your public sector organisation ready to innovate and consider a water self supply licence and take full advantage of all the cost savings that water self supply brings?


Then please contact [email protected] or call 01924 387 873 in the first instance for full public sector water self supply guidance and support and a water self supply feasibility report.

H20 Building Services can be employed by public sector organisations via a recent award Lot 2 ancillary goods and services which covers water self supply feasibility studies.


For public sector application of the thresholds must be taken into account to determine whether water contract need to be procured compliantly.