Welsh Water Succeeds In Cutting Carbon Emissions By 80 percent

Water supplier Welsh Water has announced that it has succeeded in slashing carbon emissions by nearly 80 per cent since 2010-2011, thanks to investment in renewable energy generation and certain technologies across its sites.


For example, Five Fords – which is home to an impressive 10,000 solar panels that can generate 2.5GW of energy, as well as a gas-to-grid plant – recently underwent a £36 million refurbishment in order to transform it into a shining example of a green energy site, Utility Week reports.


As well as buying all its electricity from renewable sources, the company says it plans to generate approximately a quarter of the energy required through renewable generation from next year, with the remainder made up of 100 per cent green electricity.


Chris Jones, chief executive of Welsh Water, explained that the supplier’s long-term vision is to take on some of the biggest challenges that the company is now faced with – and climate change is certainly one of the biggest and most serious.


“We are striving to reduce our own impact on the climate, while also strengthening the resilience of our networks to deal with the increasing threat of adverse weather – like extreme cold snaps, flooding and prolonged drought conditions – that can impact our network and the services we provide our customers,” he went on to say.


Mark Drakeford, first minister, recently visited the Five Fords site so he could see firsthand the developments that have taken place over the last few months, saying that investing in sustainable water infrastructure helps to support the safety of local communities – which is what “lies at the heart of our Wellbeing of Future Generations Act”.


It’s truly heartening to see that water suppliers are taking water stress and scarcity seriously, and doing all they can to help safeguard this resource for future generations.


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