Water retailer Everflow charging huge fees for rectifying their customer water bills through a water audit

Water audit - H2O Building Services


New and existing Everflow customers will now be offered a water audit service to ensure they they are being billed correctly and if their customers have been overcharged Everflow will charge customers a staggering 50 percent of any rebates due and 50 percent of the reduced charges going forwards which is indeed a substantial fee for rectifying charges that should be correct anyway.


A typical example of a 50/50 fee arrangement for correcting incorrect bills would be: –


Overcharges 6 years (statute of limitations) say £20,000 refund = one off fee of £10,000 

Annual overcharge £3,300 per year – 50 percent fee £1,660 for the first year

Total fee £11,660 


Moving up a scale, if their customer is being overcharged £10,000 per year and the refund was back 6 years = £60,000


Everfow would charge 50 percent of the refund and 50 percent of the first years savings and this would be a staggering £35,000!


These are savings and refunds generated from charges incorrectly levied from the water retailer Everflow for surface water drainage charges in the North East, North West, the Midlands and Scotland.


Everflow have not got the water audit expertise in house and have recently partnered with a little known water consultancy based in Bristol, Water Management Solutions UK Ltd who will be conducting the water audits in partnership with Everflow and tapping into their extensive range of Energy Brokers.


The Energy Brokers will receive a kick back fee of 10 percent of the refund and 5 percent of the first years savings as an incentive for the Energy Brokers to engage with their customers and sign them up for the Everflow water audits.


Many other water management services are being offered by Everflow in partnership with Water Management Solutions UK Ltd.


Graham Mann, Senior Partner of water consultants H2O Building Services and the Director and Co Founder of the UK’s only true business water switching site comments


“I applaud Everflow for providing their customers a water billing data correction service which appears to be their primary service, but the fees levied to their customers on a 50 percent of rebates and double dipping 50 percent of the 1st years savings are quite frankly substantial.

In consideration of the work involved the water market rate for such water consultancy work falls between 25 percent to 40 percent for historical refunds only not savings as well.

I have seen some brokers charging 50 percent of the refund and 50 percent of the savings going forwards for 2 years !


My advice to Everflow customers is to shop around for your water audits and refuse to pay these outrageous fees for rectifying their overcharges”