Coca-Cola European Partners Great Britain To Supply Own Water Services

Coca-Cola European Partners Great Britain has just become the fourth company in England to be given a self-supply licence to supply its own water and wastewater services.


Head of sustainability for the company Nick Brown explained that water is the most important ingredient across the entire product range and the brand has been committed to looking after this resource in the most sustainable way possible.


“The introduction of a competitive water market in England gives us a great opportunity to build closer relationships with the Water Companies. I am confident that this approach, along with our partnership with Waterscan, will help us to collaborate and innovate in the way we understand and improve our water efficiency.


“One of the most immediate examples of this is in the way we will move to real time metering at all our main sites to give us better information to make decisions on how we use water. We will also build stronger relationships with the market operator and Ofwat and be able to engage more in issues impacting water quality and use at our sites,” he went on to say.


Ofwat’s senior director for customers and casework Emma Kelso made further comments, saying that it will now be interesting to see what kind of efficiencies and innovation will come out with the company running its own water and wastewater services.


You might be tempted to go down the same route after hearing that you could save even more money by buying water supply services directly from the wholesale water market – which is what self-supply is. Quite simply, it cuts out the water retailer’s margin and is open to all business customers, potentially reducing your water and wastewater charges.


In order to self-supply your water retail services, you will need to sort out a licence which will allow you to purchase at a protected wholesale price. You’ll no longer enjoy retail services like billing or customer service, but you will be able to receive supply and removal services from your region’s water supplier at wholesale prices.


You’ll also be able to supply water to your own premises and across multiple sites, as well as providing retail services yourself or contracting to a third party.


While you do stand to benefit financially if you go down this route, water self-supply may not be for everyone, which is why you might want to bring in a water audit expert who will be able to provide you with a free no-obligation self-supply appraisal so you can decide if it’s the right path for you.


This service will also be able to facilitate your self-supply application and will also be able to provide you with ongoing water management support. If this is something you’d like to find out more about, get in touch with the team here at H2O Building Services to see how we can help you make positive changes this year.