A Water Audit Can Save You Money… Unless They Are Done Badly

The deregulation of water suppliers earlier this year means more freedom of choice for business customers across the UK. This comes as the largest overhaul of the water industry since it was privatised almost 30 years ago, and allows companies to switch water suppliers regardless of their geographic location to take advantage of lower costs that another provider may offer. But to find the best deal for your company, you have to understand your water use. Carrying out a water audit of your water use, including past billing from your current provider, can help to identify the best water company for your business.


With the Right Help, Significant Savings Are Available

The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has suggested that deregulation could provide £200m in the form of benefits to businesses and the UK economy overall. With many companies eager to take advantage of potential savings, water consultants have sprung up across the country offering to help clients slash their water charges by 25% or more. Hiring a professional is crucial in navigating the complex costs of your water company, and working with someone unqualified may end up costing you more than it’s worth.


What Can Go Wrong?

We dealt with one recent case in which the client had already had an audit completed by another company. They operated 20 sites across Scotland and spent £150,000 on water bills. Obviously, they took the results of the audit in good faith. But within minutes of looking over their bills, we found they were missing potential savings of £15,000 a year. And that is simply because so many consultancies now cropping up after deregulation are inexperienced in the complexities of the market.


This is just one of many cases H2O has rectified where customers were still paying over the odds on their water bills, despite often paying large sums to have their bills audited. This is why it’s crucial to check the track record of the company you choose.


What to Look for in a Water Audit

So how do you assess whether a consultant has the knowledge to maximise your water savings?


An examination of your water charges will begin by reviewing past billing to identify potential miscalculations and errors on the part of your current water company. A preliminary water audit will produce a detailed report indicating potential areas for savings and recommended action that should be taken.


When evaluating firms to help reduce your water costs, it’s important to identify a long established business with plenty of experience. Look on the website of companies you may want to work with and evaluate their client references and case studies, as well as their social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Avoid firms that take a percentage of savings they find, as they may tempt you with free site surveys up front but end up costing you more in the long term. Of course, a legitimate firm should be willing to offer a no obligation audit before you agree to any significant work.


Consult the Experts to Start Saving Today

H2O Building Services will complete your preliminary audit entirely free of charge, using methods that are unique to the industry. We provide a detailed estimate of your potential refunds and savings, and if you decide to work with us, we can act on your behalf to implement cost-saving measures for your business such as:


  • Claiming rebates
  • Auditing drainage charges
  • Negotiate better rates with your water provider


In 2016, H2O Building Services secured refunds exceeding £1.5m for clients, and have worked with major companies such as ASDA, Jewson, McDonalds and many others. Let us put our experience to work and help reclaim any savings and cost reductions that are due to your business from your water company.