Water audit firm H20 feels the huge positive effects of the UK water retail market opening

Water audit firm H20 Building Services has reported a significant increase in enquiries for its services.

Companies are focusing on their ever increasing water and waste water bills and looking at innovative ways to reduce water consumption and waste discharge and more competitive pricing on their water supply procurement contracts.


Over this past month alone H20 is reporting commencing water cost reduction projects for a number of clients in food production, heavy engineering and component manufacturing and distribution. The combined water and waste water bills are totalling a staggering £8 million a year.


Without doubt the water audit firm is feeling the very positive effects of the media promoting the opening of the UK water retail market. More and more companies are seeking out and shopping around for the very best expertise in the market.


In business since 1997 water audit firm H20 Building Services certainly has an impressive client portfolio and an unrivalled track record of performance and delivery in all sectors of industry and business.


H20 has the enviable position of operating in a niche market with entrepreneurial management of its business and applying innovation in order to stay ahead of competition and to maximise savings on clients water bills.


There is however a skills shortage says water audit expert and Senior Partner Graham Mann.


“We are recruiting staff at administration level and providing on the job training and support in all areas of our business from water bill validation and data input through to water auditing and project management.

We have proven in the past if you invest in people, pass on knowledge and expertise in all areas of our operations staff will find a niche within the business and grow to their full potential. We have an open door policy, any problems the door is always open for advice and support and that is reflected in our client retention and new business acquisitions.

So we have new staff joining our team next month, very exciting times ahead.


The skills shortage and true expertise is very concerning though. We have seen very poor quality site water audit reporting from other water consultancies in the market, the scary thing is simple and basic areas are being missed and under reported, and the customers are not receiving quality results and missing out on opportunities for water savings.

Indeed, in the water supply procurement market poor advice is being given which is having a substantial impact on the savings on water bills that could be achieved, but because of bad advice the customers are losing out.

Within the space of a few months we re-visited two clients projects that had been carried out buy others and combined annual water savings of £101,000 were simply not reported and dealt with properly through lack of knowledge and expertise at a basic level.


We expect to see more and more of this as more companies enter the water industry, my advice is do your research and search out the very best water audit experts to partner with you on water projects, whether it be to switch to an alternative water company, water auditing or a total water management project, seek independent expertise or you may not achieve the maximum reductions on your water and waste water bills”