Could validating your water bills save you money?

Water bill validation - H2O Building Services


Do you get your water bills validated ? Indeed have you ever considered it ?


There’s every chance the answer to those questions is no. Why would you is the question?


It just sounds like an unnecessary task that adds admin and hassle that you could probably do without.


You pay your business utility bills without a second thought.


Perhaps you don’t even know what validating your water and wastewater bills entails, and why is it important?


It’s a simple process that is done on your behalf that potentially could save you a lot of money, stop you paying unnecessarily charges you don’t owe, is the easy answer to the question.


Here is an uncomfortable fact you may wish to consider but should be aware of.


There is every chance that your water supplier is charging you incorrectly, fees and charges that you don’t owe and shouldn’t be paying, which in turn is causing you to bleed out money unnecessarily.


As it turns out, overcharging on water and wastewater bills isn’t all that uncommon and the majority of the water companies have been found guilty of doing it for quite awhile.


Although, it is not the fault of the water retailer as the wholesale billing data to which your water retailer uses to raise invoices to their customers is often not correct, so in turn if this is the case your water retailer will unknowingly charge you incorrectly and therefore customers pick up the incorrect charges.


The scale of the impact on the overcharging can be substantial and over the years will probably go unnoticed with some large businesses owed tens of thousands in refunds.


A prime example of this can be seen where water consultants H2O Building Services based in West Yorkshire, where engaged by a residential care home business to reduce their water bills, the results are a very welcome surprise.


A water audit indicated the business was on a default contract paying much more than they should so H2O placed the business water supply contract out to tender on a business water switching platform which is the only impartial and independent water supply procurement platform which goes out to all water retail companies and gives them all the opportunity to bid for water supply contracts in a competitive environment.


The residential care home company saved £80,000 over the water supply contract period and the bill validation team identified overcharges of £35,000 due to historical billing errors.


A prime example where having your water bills validated is something you really should have a think about in order to make your life easier and to see some serious reductions on your water bills.


So what does it mean to have your water and wastewater bills validated and how do you go about having it done? 


There are a number of water consultancy businesses that will do this for you, H2O Building Services is just one of those businesses who in the past have helped to ensure companies such as for example Asda, Pizza Hut, Lookers Plc, as well as many public sector organisations including Manchester Metropolitan University returning a staggering £500,000 refund to the one site due to historical billing errors.

H2O Building Services  will work on your behalf to ensure you are paying the correct amount for your water use.


Let’s be honest, most water bills are a list of opaque charges that most of us don’t fully understand, unexpected increases in prices are usually put down to higher overall usage, rather than incorrect charges.

All too many businesses pay out too much on our water bills and are none the wiser.


So what is the main benefit of having your water bills validated? 


The company you choose to work with you on your behalf will audit your bills before you receive them and any errors on the water bills should be resolved direct with your chosen water retail company.


It comes down to the fact that you could make huge savings simply by having your water bills validated by water industry experts who have built up a wealth of experience and expertise over the years validating water bills, however complex they are.


You can be confident that you are paying the correct charges going forwards.


If you would like to find out more about water bill validation, get in touch today on 08456580948 or email