Water bill validation casts a spotlight on a £50000 water leak

Water bill validation - H2O Building Services


Water audit consultants H2O Building Services were commissioned to complete a water bill validation exercise to determine whether any savings could be made on a Leisure Park based in Northumberland.


Taking into account the number of pitches, the water audit team at H2O concluded there was a significant overspend on the water consumption and costs in consideration of the site facilities.

So in order to accurately quantify the unaccounted water losses a flow data logger was installed.

AMR water flow data logging is a technique we use to continuously monitor water usage to a property.

Also known as data logging, it is a powerful water management tool which allows water consultants to quickly spot issues such as continual water flow, known in the water industry as the base load.

This normally signifies an underground water leak or leaking fixtures and fittings such as taps and toilets.

That is why a data logger fitted to the water companies water meter is the number one most powerful tool for driving down water consumption and water supply costs.

Don’t forget the wastewater costs that are normally twice or indeed three times more than the water input costs per cubic metre.


So what are the benefits of fitting a water flow data logger?


You could get a positive return on investments within weeks.


Ensure future water billing is based on actual water meter use and readings.


Gives full actual visibility of water use over the time and water leaks are spotted quickly. 


Reduce water consumption and costs and maintain water savings.


The water bill validation and the subsequent water audit services indicated the continual water flow base load of 64 cubic metres per day or 23,650 cubic metres per year which equates to 5 million gallons.

This added over £50,000 to the annual water and wastewater bill, which at the time was over 50 percent of the total water and wastewater volumes billed for the site.


The water leak detection and repair crew were dispatched to site in order to find and fix the water leak(s).

Locating the water leaks were particularly challenging due to the fact there were very few isolation valves.

Take a sneak peek and read our fascinating water leak detection report which goes into detail as to how we find and repair the water leaks, we also show the actual cause of the water leak which is a £4.50 worn brass fitting!

Water leak detection and repair H2O Building Services Nov 2023


If you would like to find out more about water bill validation, to see how much you could save get in touch with the H2O Building Services team today.