What is water bill validation, how does it work and what is the value to your business

Water bill validation - H2O Building Services

What is water bill validation?


Water bill validation may be broken down into 3 parts : –


  • Carrying out water audits to check historical water, waste water and trade effluent bills to ensure bills are accurate and that the customer has not been overcharged or undercharged.


  • Identifying ways to save money on future bills.


  • Ongoing monitoring of bills to ensure you never pay more than you should, and to maximise savings on your water, waste water and trade effluent bills.


This is good business practise right !


So what is the value of water bill validation to your business ? 

Commercial water and waste water bills can be complex, your business may be a single manufacturing and production site that has multiple production uses for water. The waste water discharged from these sites is called trade effluent which is any liquid (effluent) other than surface water and domestic sewerage that is discharged from premises being used for a business, trade or industrial process.

Or your business could be a national business with multiple sites in various different water company areas, which means that business water and waste water bills will be charged differently dependant on the charges and tariffs which apply in that particular area.


This being the case, many charges are hidden or obscure, making it difficult for clients to keep tabs on whether they re being billed accurately or fairly.

The value of water bill validation can be substantial, much depends of course on the size of your portfolio and the water and waste water charges.


A case in point is a National Residential Care Home Company that commissioned Water Consultants H2O Building Services  to provide a water bill validation service for over 400 residential care homes.

The audited water savings and refunds achieved so far across the portfolio is impressive – Annual savings going forwards £446,775 and refund due to historical water billing errors and incorrect billing £405,358 totalling £852,133 !!

These much needed savings are contributing to improving and providing care to the residents of the care homes.


  • Savings have derived from detecting water leaks underground and internally inside the properties.


  • Incorrect historical water meter readings.


  • Billing errors


  • Water efficiency savings 


  • Incorrect tariffs


Water consultants H2O Building Services report that the entire portfolio has been benchmarked and audited which reveals a further saving of £300,000 due to high water consuming sites, these sites are targeted to receive site surveys in order to identify the reasons for the high consumption and report back with recommendation to resolve the high water consumption issues.


So the benefits to your business are clear: –


  • Opportunities to save money on an ongoing basis.
  • Refunds arranged for historical overcharging.
  • Clients past and present billing historically emailed on demand saving you time and effort and costs on billing administration.
  • Billing errors dealt with, ensuring you are confident that the bills are correct.
  • Spikes in water usage can be spotted quickly and efficiently helping to tackle issues like water leaks and eliminating high water charges.
  • Clients can access information on any water and waste water issue as and when required.


Are you looking to reduce your water, waste water and trade effluent costs ? 

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