Water consultants H2O awarded water bill validation project by the UK’s most trusted bed brand Silentnight

Silentnight - Water bill validation and Bureau service - H2O Building Services


Yorkshire based water consultants H2O Building Services are delighted to announce they have been awarded a water and waste water cost reduction project by the UK’s most trusted bed brand Silentnight.


The deal encompasses a focused cost reduction and water efficiency project under H2O’s water bill validation and bureau service.

Covering all aspects of cost reduction from water bill validation, historical water and waste water audits which identifies any water company historical incorrect charging.

Water and waste water efficiency and procurement of a new water retail contract by inviting all water retail companies to pitch for the water retail contract via the UK’s only automated comparison site our client will be looking for the best value deals says Graham Mann, Senior Partner at H2O.


“By using the new platform we will ensure the best value deal in terms of service and price are delivered and ensure all water retail companies get an opportunity to pitch for the business.


We expect the service delivery to be top notch as our bill validation team will ensure the appointed water retail company honors its service and delivery commitments in full.


As with all water projects we undertake our savings target will be 30 percent.


This project is an integral part of our clients award winning sustainability programme they are incredibly proud to have received independent validation as a carbon neutral business.

This is down to their unwavering commitment to our environment and through their ethical business practices and sustainable product development they have been able to evolve their business  in a way that benefits the environment around us”


To reduce your businesses water and waste water costs through the H2O water bill validation scheme call 07831 390 637 or email