Water bill validation team identify £560,000 of water retail billing errors during only a 6 month period.

The water bill validation team at water consultancy H2O Building Services received a waste water bill totaling £219,000 for only one site within a national client portfolio.


This now takes the total water and waste water billing errors identified in the last 6 months by the water bill validation team to a staggering £560,000.


This is an on going long standing saga of incorrect billing by one of the largest water retail companies Water Plus.


So why are we naming the water retail company ? 


The reason according to Senior Partner at H2O Building Services Graham Mann is “Our bill validation team provide a safety net service between the customer and the water retail company, this is the most cost effective way of ensuring that customers pay only the correct charges going forwards.


We reclaim refunds due to historical errors. working with retail companies like Water Plus, however this retailer has been the worst we have dealt with by far with no improvement since water deregulation.


The water bill validation team have sent emails to senior management and Mr Andy Hughes asking for his intervention and assistance in this matter.

Sadly no replies which appear to demonstrate a contempt for their customer in this instance.


At one point our account manager has even sent out open invitations to Water Plus representatives to visit our offices in order to help resolve these water billing issues but to no avail as the errors continue to rise alarmingly unabated.

I cannot see for the life of me why Water Plus are not willing to help us more proactively even at CEO level”


The total billing errors now stands at £1.2 million over 12 months covering at least 3 water retailers,.

Water consultants at H2O fully expect this to rise to £1.5 million by the end of this year.


Water bill validation is the way to go with all businesses says Graham Mann, not only will customers have certainty that their water, waste water and trade effluent bills are correct, they also stand to make significant savings on their existing charges, as over 40 percent of those customers bills we carry out water audits on are either incorrectly charged or the water bills are too high for the facilities on site.


To reduce costs going forwards and to ensure water bills are correct water bill validation is the only way to go.


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