H20 Building Services carries out water bill validation for a wide range of properties

We are often asked how much the average water bill is in the UK, in terms of commercial use. Water bills are of growing concern for all sectors. Knowing the average allows us to understand our own bills in comparison. However, it is unfortunately impossible to give an average bill in either scenario that would be relevant to your unique situation and specific water usage.


We can tell you that, on average, a standard tap switched on would have six hundred litres of water run through it every hour. While that is useful information to know, it does not help you in identifying your own water usage or what the bill should be. Other than being unable to determine whether your tap runs in a standard way without measuring how much water is produced in an hour, taps alone are not the only sources of water use in a building, whether the property is residential or commercial.


The absence of knowing a specific average cost should not stop you from being able to carry out water bill validation by yourself. One of the biggest problems with this is that people are inclined to assume that their water bill must be correct, purely as a consequence of having nothing to compare it to or gauge it against. As our services have shown time and again, water supply companies are as prone to making mistakes and errors in billing as any business, so it is wrong to work on the assumption that your water bill is always correct.


If you believe there’s something not quite right with the amount you are paying for water then our services are here to help you. As well as offering approaches designed to manage water use efficiently, we are the leading name in the UK for water bill validation and investigation. Should your suspicions about excess fees for water prove correct, we are the people who can present you with the evidence to show it and assist you in claiming back money from incorrect billing.


description of the water bill validation process