£10k water bill overcharge identified by the water audit experts bill validation and bureau service

The first water bill overcharge refund cheque for 2016 for £10,000, thank you Thames Water.


This national customer has over 1000 sites and commissioned the Water Audit Experts at H20 Building Services to provide a pro-active water bill validation and bureau service. This encompasses a total focused water management strategy, not just water bill checking and claiming simple refunds.


The desktop water audit now completed has identified water and waste water savings years on year of over £500,000 plus refunds due to water company overcharging of £200,000.

The sites are now being surveyed to identify the reasons for the high water bills and reports are being generated which contains detailed specification of engineering and water consultancy solutions to reduce the water consumption and costs and the associated cost for H20 to complete the work as recommended within the reports to achieve the savings.


On going water bill validation and monitoring will ensure  target water savings are achieved and maintained.

Join us and “Value water more”


Water bill overcharge rebate cheque