A nightmare water leak scenario could not be far away as winter approaches.


Your water bills are charged quarterly and here is the nightmare scenario: –


An estimated read is billed based on previous water consumption, the charges are within budget and the water bill is approved for payment.

As with most water companies the next actual reading may be 2/3 months away, the temperature drops, frosty weather approaches and that minor water leak that up until now has had very little impact on your water costs is now in the front line. Minis 2 and POP! as the companies revenues drain away into the ground the next water meter reading is a few months away and a few more frosty days later more pressure is brought to bear on the water infrastructure ! Now you are losing 33 litres per minute, not much in terms of hidden water losses.

The water meter is read end of December / 1st week back after Christmas Holidays and the water bill drops for processing for payment – WHAT! £12,000 over budget! how can this be? (well its only 33 litres per minute) 33 litres per minute  does not sound like much in the general order of things but apply some simple math equations like: –


33 Litres per minute = 1,980 litres per hour = 47,520 litres per day (or 47.52 cubic metres) this equates to 17,344 cubic metres per annum at an average cost of £2.80 per cubic metre = £48,565 per year or in this case £12,000 in the 3 months billing period and that is if the water meter was actually read!


So now your company has lost £12,000 right off the bottom line, no going back, too late the damage has been done and that water leak is the lower end of the spectrum it could just as easily have been £24,000 or £48,000 all depends on when the actual reading is taken of your water meter.


One case study last year revealed £5,000 per day £450,000 for three months on an Electrolux site in the North East.


The message is, as we drift into Autumn and Winter a little time spent now focusing on water bills and thinking about the vulnerability of your underground water pipes and what systems you have in place (if any) to protect your sites from “a nightmare scenario” to which I have described. For more specific technical information as to the best way to protect your site(s) from water leaks and to control water costs go here