A water audit reveals a potential 30% reduction in the water bill.

Reducing you water bills are as simple as 1-2-3.


Total client water and sewerage costs £46,030 per year.


* The client called and requested a free water audit.


* “The Water Audit Experts” H20 Building Services receive copies of the last years water bills and produce an initial water audit report which was sent to the client.


Click here for 1 month copy water bill PDF 1monthcopywaterbill, potential savings based on the site water facilities £9,000 to £13,800 click here for the water audit report PDF ExampleprelimreportsitesurveyWrexham


The actual site survey has been completed with estimated savings of £14,000 per annum.


Estimated costs to achieve the savings, around £2,825 – payback 3.5 weeks.


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