Water bills more than £300,000 in Scotland? Switch water supplier with us and compare savings.

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

Is your business spending more than £300,000 on water charges in Scotland?

If the answer is yes you need to speak to the water audit experts at H²O Building Services.

Why? Several reasons really here are just a few: –

The water and waste water charges your business is paying will not be the best deal available by some considerable margin.  I can more or less guarantee that, more specifically the cost per cubic metre rate for water and waste water. In addition, it is highly likely the charges levied will not be correct and there will be overcharges on an individual element that makes up the total charges. Lastly there will be considerable forward saving’s to be made on one or more of the various elements that make up the total charges.

Virtually without exception each new clients water audit reveals: –

* Opportunities for further % discounts on water and waste water charges, the deal you have either been offered or signed up to will not be the best available.

* Incorrect charges resulting in historical refunds and charges going forwards reduced.

Here are just a few example of cases our water audit experts have completed and the water savings results.

* National swimming pool and leisure operator – Additional discount above and beyond that offered by the water company on the cost per cubic metre rates for water and waste water charges £ 31,000 per year (£93,000     over a 3 year contract).

* Scottish based seafood processing company – £ 250,000 potential available waste water savings on a total waste water bill of £ 450,000.

* National retailer – Additional water and waste water discounts available of £ 200,000.

This excludes any historical water and waste water billing errors or water efficiency savings.

Too good to be true you say? – Well a client said exactly that when I delivered the good news, £200,000 extra water savings by way of a better % discount that’s net of any fees, £ 200,000 straight onto the bottom line. Interesting to note, this client tendered the Scottish Water supply contract to all those Scottish Water retailers who expressed interest and chose the best discount offered.

What if my company has already signed a deal and switched water company?

We will guide you through the process of coming out of the existing water supply contract and still achieve significant savings going forwards. Or indeed you may still be paying default charges to the incumbent Scottish Water supplier Business Stream, in which case the process will be even easier. Either way the potential end result will be: –

* Reduced water charges per cubic metre rate by securing the best possible water supply contract rate.

* No more costly tendering of water supply contracts.

* Accurate water bills going forwards.

* No more water company overcharges.

* All water company overcharging put right going forwards.

* All water bill historical overcharges identified and refunded.

* Free water audit expert advice on water efficiency and formulation of a water strategy for all sites in Scotland, England and Wales.

* 100% control over your water billing.

* Excellent customer service.

In fact a total water management service nationwide, there is nothing complicated or mystical about water when managed by The Water Audit Experts.

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