UK Plc has a duty to implement sustainable water management.

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

UK Plc has a duty to implement sustainable water management, whether the drivers are for financial benefit or environmental reasons or both but either way most businesses find the journey exciting and financially rewarding. Its all about making a difference to both the environmental impact and increased profits, win win which ever way you cut it.

During projects some clients express surprise at the real cost of water to the business for example “so that water leak cost us £60,000 per year?” or “£10,000 in overcharges we assumed the bills were correct”

UK Plc is paying £100 of millions know doubt about it through inefficient water use, water leaks, automatic flushing toilets with no controls. Manufacturing companies discharging high volumes of water will be paying through the nose for the water companies to treat the waste discharges and very often by either simple treatment processes or tweaks to internal working practise impressive savings can be made, 30% to 50% savings year on year – What would this mean to your bottom line?

We live in a world where business dependency on fresh water is increasingly being recognised and understood, we are also just beginning to appreciate the positive role businesses can play in overcoming the water challenges we face.

WWF – UK has produced a guide based on its own science and experience of working with businesses to help UK Plc play its part in the sustainable management of water resources, reducing water consumption and waste makes sound environmental and business sense, so why wouldn’t you do it.

This is an excellent thought provoking report, is it enough though to jolt your company into taking action to reduce water consumption and waste discharge?

Click here for the report