Water industry news – Water bills set to increase up to 100 percent in the Scottish water region

That’s right you read it correctly – water bills in Scotland set to increase.


Why is this? 


The charges which will increase are the property and roads drainage charges, these charges are based on the rateable value of your property.

The rateable values are increasing from 01/04/18 as the Scottish Government has announced the water industry will move towards using the most up to date rateable value (RV) for all properties.


When these charges come into effect the basis of the property and roads drainage charges will change.


What are property and roads drainage charges? 


Property drainage is the term that is used for the service of dealing with rainwater drainage from within the boundary of a property such as roofs, private car parks and private roads that drain to Scottish Waters sewers.

If rain water drains to the public sewer then property drainage charges apply.


Roads drainage charges is the term used for the service of dealing with rain water that drains to Scottish Waters sewers from public roads and footpaths.

If your property has either a sewerage connection for waste water or for property drainage then you will also have to pay a charge for roads drainage.


How are the charges calculated? 


Property and roads drainage charges are based on the rateable value of the property, at the moment (2017 / 2018 rate of charge) the charges are calculated for property drainage at £0.02733 x RV per annum and the charges calculated for roads drainage is at £0.01755 x RV per annum.


As a Scottish Water customer you will soon be receiving a letter confirming the increase in the property rateable values.


Now is the perfect time to have your property and roads drainage charges checked by water audit experts such as H20 Building Services as the charges may not have been levied correctly historically.

You may have been paying more than you need and be entitled to a 5 year refund of overcharges and reduced charges going forwards which will go a long way to off set any increases in your rateable value charges.


The charges will be phased in over the next 3 years commencing 1st April 2018.


Don’t forget to get a free desktop water audit on your water bills by calling H20 Building Services on 01924 387 873 or emailing us at  or using our contact us page.