Why is 24/7 water flow monitoring key to preventing costly water leaks?

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

Why is 24/7 water flow monitoring key to preventing costly water leaks?

Costly water leaks can and will creep up on you and before you know it all the water saving measures that were put into place previously and all the water leak detection and water leak repair completed will easily be undone due to further water leaks and faulty water fittings that will go unnoticed. Then 9 or 12 months later in comes an actual read water bill of £20,000 over budget! That guys is a small leak over 12 months.

A urinal flushing constantly uncontrolled can use £5,000 worth of water in 1 year.

So what is the answer?

Well its really quite simple yet a vast many companies are completely unaware of such a simple solution. Install an AMR – Automatic Meter Reading device or water flow data logger, this device is fitted to the water company water meter, when programmed sends the daily and over night water flow data via the mobile phone network direct to a water flow data monitoring platform. This will then  be monitored on a daily basis by your appointed water audit expert. Yes it will cost you money but in the right application the system carefully managed will payback in a few weeks.

In this water leakage investigation survey report the value of the system is clearly demonstrated, this site completed an extensive water leak detection project some 12 months ago saving £60,000 per year on water bills. The water flow data logger was initially used to complete this project, the client was advised to retain the system for future water flow monitoring and recently the water flow increased which if left unchecked would have added a further £14,000 plus per year to the water bill.

Click here for the water leak investigation survey report : – ExampleHolidayParkNorthumberlandSurveySavingsReport

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