Yorkshire Water businesses are paying far more than they need on their water bills – so be smart and switch water supplier

Water bills - H2O Building Services


Businesses are still coping with the stresses and strains of substantial increases in energy costs, and now water is on the up with wholesale water charges increasing from 1st April 2023.


Yorkshire Water is the water and wastewater wholesale supplier to water retailers in the deregulated water market in the Yorkshire area, which allows businesses, charities, schools and all other public sector organisations to switch water supplier.


Although Yorkshire businesses are paying more than they should on their water bills if they haven’t switched water supplier, taking action now Yorkshire businesses can compare business water suppliers and qualify for a free water audit which would probably reduce their water bills by 20-30 percent.


From 1st April 2023 water wholesale charges will increase by 8.1 percent and wastewater charges by 5.9 percent. If you factor in a water retail margin, business water customers in Yorkshire will see their bills rising by at least 20 percent for water and wastewater charges.

Other charges are on the up for example surface water drainage charges 9.2 percent increase plus the water retail margin could take the increase to nearly 18 percent.


Manufacturing and production businesses will see their trade effluent charges rise by 5.9 percent plus the water retail margin could take the increase to nearly 12 percent.

All of these increase way above inflation !


Graham Mann, Senior Partner of Yorkshire based water consultants H2O Building Services,  advises businesses to review their water charges as this year’s increases are significant and probably the highest since the water market deregulation.

Many businesses may not be aware that since a Scottish Water retail company Business Stream acquired the Yorkshire Water business customer base of some 140,000 customers that many of the 140,000 business customers are on deemed contracts.


So what does deemed contract mean ? 


This means where your business continues to be supplied water and wastewater services but is not on an agreed specific tariff instead you pay default rates. Deemed contract and default rates are significantly higher rates than contracted rates.


So if your business has not switched water supplier since Business Stream acquired 140,000 non domestic customers then with the substantial increases in water charges this year the question is – Why Pay More ? 


My advice is businesses must now shop around for a better deal on their water bills and compare business water suppliers.

There is a business water rates comparison site called which is the only site that is governed and abides by OFWAT’s principles for voluntary TPI codes of conduct.

Protecting  customers in the business water market and the only site that tenders your water supply contract to the whole market on a live tender platform. Allowing businesses such as yours to do business in a competitive structured impartial and transparent environment.

The platform is simple and quick to use so contact the team on 03300552532  or email and tell them Graham Mann sent you !!


Don’t stay on deemed or default charges – why pay more ? Switch Water Supplier today !