Scottish based water company demands metered water bill payments 5 months in advance.

Scottish based water company Castle Water appear to be sending out water bills demanding payments in advance for water services delivered, when challenged by water audit consultants H20 Building Services the water company Castle Water’s response was


” Water charges relate almost entirely to the provision of long term infrastructure. As you will appreciate this includes treatment facilities, pipes and meters. We are charged in advance by the wholesaler (in your case Thames water) and have to pay in advance for all charges, in most cases we now invoice customers in advance based on estimated readings. This is permitted under our licence and industry rules”


It has to be said water company Castle Water took over 1 1/2 months to reply to the email sent from the water bill validation team at H20 Building Services.


Prior to this telephone calls were attempted to the water company, however being placed number 54 in the queue with a time estimate of over one hour both of which are regular on hold occurrences, the service levels with this particular water company are the worst in the industry and have hit rock bottom.


Adding these issues to incorrect water bills and now the water company Castle Water are changing the billing address from our clients on water bill validation contracts where bills are sent to our bill validation team and audited and onward for payment. Bills are now being sent directly to the clients sites, this will cause major disruption and huge extra bill auditing and processing costs, not to mention on site client confusion adding yet more chaos to the UK water retail market .


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