Water consultants H20 Building Services reduce waste water costs by 88 percent for a steel production company.

Water Consultants H20 Building Services has achieved an 88% reduction in waste water costs for a Yorkshire based steel production company.

Resulting in a interim refund payment of overcharges of £27,000 and due to the nature of the claim this should be backdated quite a number of years.

We estimate the total refund to be around £150,000 and a £30,000 a year saving of waste water costs going forwards.

Yorkshire Water refund cheque for £27381.21 - negotiated by Water Consultants H20 Building Services


This was the result of an initial desktop water audit completed by water consultants H20 Building Services which gave an initial estimate of potential savings after they were provided with the water and waste water billing data and discussions with the site Operations Directors.


An actual site survey was undertaken examining in detail water use in both the domestic and production facilities.


The primary use of water was directly attributed to steel production for cooling and quenching.


Further site investigations are ongoing in relation to installing an alternative water supply or borehole which will  reduce the on going water costs.

The majority of water is used in production and initial investigations firmly indicate there is more than sufficient underground water resources available for abstraction which will be subject to environment agency approval and abstraction licence conditions.


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