Date For The Diary: EU Green Week 29th-30th May

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Businesses and individuals keen to find out more about water resilience and what can be done to make the EU better prepared to tackle the challenges of the future should set aside the 29th and 30th May this year to attend EU Green Week 2024.


This initiative is part of a wider communication campaign to help raise awareness of the water crisis and how resilience can be boosted, with the main aim being to drive an EU-wide conversation about the present and the future, emphasising the promotion of positive and collaborative solutions.


Over the last few years, people all over the continent have been faced with a rise in natural disasters like flooding and droughts, exacerbating the water challenges and heightening awareness about the importance of ensuring a more water-resilient Europe.


While climate change, of course, is one of the main forces putting pressure on water resources, other factors must also be taken into account, such as structural mismanagement, pollution and ecosystem degradation.


It’s also important to note that it’s not just the EU that’s facing a water crisis and the problem is indeed a truly global one, with the water cycle out of balance all over the world, inextricably linked with climate change and loss of biodiversity, which are all converging to make the situation progressively worse.


As such, water resilience has been put at the very heart of the EU’s environmental agenda, with a new Water Resilience Initiative due to be launched in March.


This will include various immediate actions to be pushed through, as well as sparking public debates about how water resilience can be achieved and paving the way for potential new actions in certain areas in the next European Commission mandate.


Guest speakers will be on hand over the course of the two-day event to discuss integrated water management and other topics including how to foster a water smart economy, sanitation, international water cooperation, widespread access to clean and affordable water, and how to tackle the challenges of restoring and safeguarding the water cycle.


EU Green Week represents an annual opportunity to debate and familiarise yourself with EU environmental policy, as well as finding out more about what progress has been made and how stronger action can be taken in the future to better serve the environment for generations to come, while promoting sustainable development.


Last year, the theme was Delivering A Net-Zero World, focusing on how the EU can succeed in delivering a clean tech revolution by ensuring that net-zero ambitions are sustained by wider ecological transitions, ending pollution and restoring nature as one of our biggest allies.


Citizens all over the EU are able to participate in more than 250 partner events going on over the course of the two days, with schools, universities, businesses, government agencies and environmental organisations all coming together to raise awareness and education on these topics.