Yorkshire Water Plants Over 200,000 Trees!

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Supplier Yorkshire Water has revealed that it has now planted over 200,000 trees in the first phase of its scheme to plant a million trees across its land by the year 2028, with the aim being to reduce flood risk, support the creation of a Northern Forest and offset carbon emissions.


Countryside and woodland adviser at the wholesaler Hazel Earnshaw explained that the company is committed to making sure its land protects water management and benefits the environment by providing the people of Yorkshire with “exceptional land”.


She went on to say: “Planting trees in the right place can reduce flood risk, mitigate carbon emissions and boost wildlife. Putting nature-based solutions in the ground now means long term benefits to our customers and society, and tree planting forms part of our aim of becoming carbon net zero by 2030.


“Crucially we also want new woodlands to provide opportunities for people to get out and enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits that spending time in the natural environment can provide.”


Thus far, a total of 213,556 trees have been planted, with 116,665 at Gorpley Reservoir, 33,075 planted by a Yorkshire Water tenant near Halifax, 18,275 at Underbank Reservoir and 14,654 at Thornton Moor, among other locations.


Other work that Yorkshire Water has undertaken to help support the environment includes helping to make improvements to the River Wharfe.


Collaborating with the Environment Agency and Bradford Council, the supplier has been working to remove surface water infiltration into the sewer network from the Ilkley and Ilkley Tarn moorland, which could help to reduce spills from storm overflows finding their way into the river by about 20 per cent.


And a smart networks pilot scheme for Ilkley’s sewer system is in the offing, with advanced monitoring technology installed in the sewer network to measure flows and water quality to assist with effective management.


If you’re keen to follow suit and make sure that your business is more sustainable in the future, making your operations more water efficient is a great place to begin. You can significantly reduce your impact on the environment by looking into your own water usage and consumption, making any improvements across the board as and when required.


There are three main approaches you can consider to reduce your water use across your business – water leak detection and repair, water auditing and water monitoring, where remote monitoring equipment is installed onsite that can track water flow hourly for ten years.


Once armed with this data, we’re then able to maximise efficiency and identify water leaks immediately, which could potentially save you thousands of pounds. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with the team here at H2o Building Services.