Water audit experts advise water flow data is key to maximising water savings and reducing water bills.

The key to maximising water savings and reducing water bills is water flow data say Water Audit Experts at H20 Building Services.


This latest water consultancy case study reveals a continual water flow of 1.6 cubic meters per hour, the potential water leak equates to a water cost of £40,000 per year! and a water volume of 14,016 cubic meters or 3,083,520 gallons.


During the water leakage survey there were a number of WC siphons which needed adjustment, over time they had become loose and allowed water to constantly pass into the toilet and discharge to drain, this was an overall maintenance issue. In this case the leakage engineer made the adjustments during the time of the survey which had an immediate effect on the water consumption chart before on the left and after adjustment on the right as a result a saving of £24,966 achieved.


The survey revealed the balance of the continual water flow is due to water leakage on underground water pipes between the water meter in the footpath  and where the water supply enters the property. This was proven by closing the water isolation valve just inside the building and checking the water meter, in this case the meter was still registering water flow so further water leak detection is on-going.


Click here for the water consumption flow chart : –  RugbyStadiumDataLoggerSnapshot