H20 Building Services water leak detection team in action – case study

Water leak detection is a highly skilled valuable service as most water leaks are extremely costly to the business or organisation, sometimes difficult to locate with any great accuracy.


In this instance a water company served a “leak notice” to the client as they detected a water leak noise whilst carrying out water leak detection in the area.


The client requested that H20 Building Services provide a water leak detection team and produce a report together with the costs and specification of the water leak repairs.

The client had previously employed a construction firm and they had attended site to locate the leak and having excavated large holes in the forecourt of the premises they were unable to locate the water leak or the water pipe.


As the leakage investigation survey report pdf Example leak detection report 14.08.18 shows the leak noise was confirmed and a leak noise correlation test was carried out which is a device that records leak noise and displays the leak noise in visual graphic form on screen.


The cost costs over 12 months equates to 1,387 cubic metres or 305,140 gallons = 43 fuel tankers lined up end to end with a capacity of 32 cubic metres each one costing £7,000 per year.